Hi Members,

So I know we have been discussing this “infamous” cookbook since last year, but I promise NOW IS THE TIME!

Both myself and Public Information Officer, Erin Lindsey, are chairing this task and WE WANT YOU!

As you are aware, from Makala Coleman’s (Chair of the Board) newsletter messages and website posts, KCPA is participating in Relay for Life this year!  Our team goal for our Relay team is $1,000.00 and we are earnestly hoping that the creation and sales of this cookbook will get us there and maybe a bit over!?

At this time, Erin and I are asking for committee volunteers.  This is going to be an enduring task and if we have any hope of getting it put together and published by March we are going to need your help!  We welcome any and all interested persons to be committee members, even those who are not KCPA members, so please spread the word and send them my way.

Lastly, start sending those recipes my way. Erin and I both think it would be wonderful to get entries from all parties legal community in Kern County, so this means not just Paralegals, but Attorneys, Legal Secretaries, Admin. Staff, Judges, Court Clerks/Staff, Court Reporters, Legal Support Services, etc.  So if you have contact information for any of these parties and think they would be interested in participating or contributing entries, please send that contact information my way so that I may extend the invite.  Or contact them directly and have them contact me, either way doesn’t matter let’s just get everyone involved!

By the way, yes, I still have the ones from those of you who sent them to me last year, so don’t worry I will have those published J  But I do have an additional request, if you can send a picture to go with your recipe, we would like this to look as official as possible, so pictures of your creations are welcome!

Thanks everyone and I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Amber D. Brewer
President | Local Association Liaison

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