Kern County Superior Court’s Attorney Motions Reservation System

Last year the Court notified the Civil Bar that there were going to be reductions in the allocated Superior Court Departments for the “”Fast Track”” Unlimited cases in Kern. As a part of that announcement, it was recommended that a new automated system for
motions calendaring be developed to help with the timely processing of motions
by legal research and the Court. To that end, the programming for the Attorney
Motions Reservation System
is now complete and will be ready to be launched
beginning on April 8, 2013.

The Attorney Motions Reservation System (AMRS) will require attorneys that are submitting requests for law and motion hearing dates to utilize the AMRS to reserve a date to proceed with their case.

The motion reservation system has been designed to allow attorneys to calendar
their motions in the future on available days and ensure the motions do not
conflict with other hearings. The reservation system will provide for sufficient
processing time, available motion dates, and will update the Kern Superior Court
civil case management system when completed. Attorneys will confirm their
reservation date when their motion’s filing and fees are submitted to the Court
within statutory time frames.

To facilitate the introduction of the new reservation system, a tutorial video has been developed for Attorneys and can be viewed on the Court’s website.

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