May’s President Message

MAY! Oh my goodness! Time is flying this year and it’s been busy, busy, busy!

This is what my office has looked like lately, even though it doesn’t take three hours for me to find anything—I know where everything is, that is how we all are, right?

How is everyone liking Coconut Joe’s as the venue for the MCLE lunches?  As a reminder, we’re at Coconut Joe’s through June 2014.  We hope you’ll come join us on May 8, 2014 to hear Ed Thomas, Esq. speak about Prenuptial versus Postnuptial Agreements.  Remember to bring Canned or packaged food to benefit Golden Empire Gleaners on May 8, 2014.

Mark your calendars now!  The Paralegal of the Year, Outstanding Member of the Year and the scholarship recipient, as well as recognize our Sustaining Members, on June 12, 2014. 

I hope you’ve registered for the CAPA Conference!  I’m excited to see everyone in San Diego on June 28, 2014, and looking forward to celebrating San Diego’s Paralegal Day at the gala on June 27.  There is still time to register if you have not done so!  Pages 4-5 of the newsletter include the details on the conference.

The Kern County Superior Court’s Viewing and Copying Court Public Records has been revised effective April 7, 2014.  Due to the size of the policy, we will not include a copy within the newsletter, but you can find a copy of the policy here:

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