October President’s Message

Did the newsletter catch your attention?  We are springing into Fall with a new look—and
I love it!  I must thank Sasha for putting all of this together; she truly did an amazing job.
We all get a little bored in our current positions, especially if we’re in just one area of law.  We hear the same story multiple times a day; having a creative outlet is always a great thing.  And this is where I insert my plug:  if you’d like to have a creative outlet, we’re looking for a newsletter editor or a programs director.  This would be a great opportunity to design something fun that everyone will look forward to reading!  I’m excited for our new newsletter!

With our new newsletter, as you can tell, it will be FILLED with colorful photos.  If you have any photos, articles, recipes, tips, etc., that you’d like to include in the monthly newsletter— send it our way!  We love to feature our members’ in our newsletters and this would be a great way to share those photos you’ve taken or trips you’ve been on.  The more photos the better!

My fiancé and I recently moved to Bear Valley Springs in Tehachapi and we see deer daily. Here is a picture of a couple deer that wound up behind my house; our neighbors starting saying out outside their window and scared the deer off, but they were completely unaffected by my mutt barking at them. They were just out for their morning breakfast. (Although the only color in this picture is really brown…)

We have our monthly luncheon on October 9, 2014 where we’ll learn about E.S.I. (electronically stored information) from DTI.  I hope you’ll join us!  Our featured sustaining member for this luncheon will be TransWest.

We’ll be collecting names of families who need some assistance to provide them with a Thanksgiving dinner.  We’ll also be collecting cash to purchase gift cards to supplement the Thanksgiving dinners.  Please see our Community Affairs page for additional information on the requirements, or contact Kristen Foster.  All donations will be accepted at the October 9, 2014 meeting.

October is an exciting month, for me especially, but I hope you all have a wonderful start to Fall!  I hope you don’t get too spooked this Halloween either.  Happy Fall and Sweater Weather to All!

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