May’s President Message

May is the beginning of the end—the end of the wonderful weather and beginning of Summer—at least in Bakersfield!

May 14, 2015 we welcome Alphonso Rivera of Advance Micro Resource who will presenting a one-hour MCLE presentation titled Computer & Cell Phone ForensicsA Goldmine of Hidden Evidence.  We hope you’ll join us!

We will be collecting canned and packaged food for the Gleaner’s Senior Sack Program during the month of May.  You may bring your donations to the May luncheon, or contact Kristen Foster if you have any questions.  We will also be accepting cash and check donations for the purchase of canned and packaged food.

The CAPA Educational Conference is coming together!  The Conference will be in San Jose on June 27, 2015.   The brochure and registration are now available at There are currently five tracks being offered: (1) Family Law, (2) Estate Planning, (3) Forensic Document Examination (the litigation track), (4) Intellectual Property: Part 1, and (5) More Intellectual Property.  Our very own Bobbie Miller, ACP, will be one of the speakers for the Family Law Track!

On that note, each of us have  different interests, hobbies, and talents.  What are some of yours?  I can’t necessarily say I have anything unique or overly interesting, but I have recently discovered Podcasts. It’s my new addiction; something new to listen to when the radio bores me while commuting to and from work.  If you listen to any Podcasts, I would highly recommend listening to Serial—its about an old murder that occurred (that’s all I’ll say).  But, while listening to it, it pointed out some interesting items that are relevant in my field—civil litigation (which, again, I’ll not go into; just listen to it).  Have you listened to any Podcasts that our members would be interested in, or may find helpful?  Please share!

I hope you have a wonderful May!  – Makala E. Reha, ACP, President

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