June President Message

As you are aware, KCPA runs on a fiscal year of July—June, so the end of our year has approached.  I wonder where the time has gone, though.  Wasn’t it just January?

We have an exciting June luncheon for you!  We’ll be announcing our Paralegal of the Year, Scholarship Recipient and CAPA  Conference Attendee.  We will also be honoring our Sustaining Members and outgoing Board members, and swearing in our 2015-2016 Board.

We also are excited to announce that we will be returning to the Bakersfield Petroleum Club for not only the June Installation and Awards luncheon, but also for the 2015-2016 term! Please remember to RSVP for the June luncheon no later than June 3. The Petroleum Club has stricter RSVP policies.  If we have too many late RSVPs, we will have to create a late RSVP rate, which we’d love to avoid.

For those of you who are able to attend the 2015 27th Annual CAPA Conference, they have added a Corporate Track—which I’m super excited about.  They have also gotten a reduced rate for two groups (6:15 p.m. and 6:45 p.m.) to tour the Winchester Mystery House.  If you haven’t signed up yet, I would highly recommend attending one of the CAPA Conferences.  It’s a great experience. Oh, and did I mention our very own Bobbie D. Miller, ACP, is one of the speakers in the Family Law track?  It’s not too late to register!  If you do, make sure you register as a “member” and that you indicate you are with KCPA. You can check out the website (www.caparalegal.org) for the brochure and how to register.

I’d like to say a huge Thank You to our outgoing Board members! Each of you have had an impact on how well our Board has ran and the programs we’ve been able to provide to our members. Can everyone agree that our Board is amazing??  A special thank you to Bobbie D. Miller, ACP, Vice President and CAPA Primary—she has been my rock and shoulder for my term as president.  Ms. Bobbie will not be returning to the Board next term and will be sorely missed.

I’d also like to say thank you for having me serve as your President for the past four years.  I’d love to hear any feedback you have that I can take back to the Board for our July 25, 2015 retreat.  Please provide me any comments no later than June 14 by e-mail (president@kcpaonline.org) so I can include it as discussion items with the Board.  Remember, we are here to serve you.

For those of you who read our newsletter each month, we’re going to test you.  We’ve placed an image of lady bug throughout the newsletter.  If you can locate each ladybug, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a gift card to be presented at the June 11, 2015 luncheon.  E-mail president@kcpaonline.org with the number of ladybugs you find. Let’s see how many you can find!

Thank you for a wonderful year!
-Makala E. Reha, ACP

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