April President’s Message

Happy Spring all Members!

We have some important announcements for April.

First, as many of you are aware, our fiscal year begins July. That means we have elections coming up and are looking for new members for our Board of Directors. We are currently looking for the following positions:

President—Must have served on the board for 2 years (does not need to be immediately preceding);

Vice President—Must have served on the board for 2 years (does not need to be immediately      preceding);

Programs—Must be regular member;

CAPA Primary and Secondary— Must be regular member;

Public Information Officer—Must be regular member; and

Student—Must be a student enrolled in a paralegal program.

I have served on the Board since 2010-2011 and have grown greatly from the experience. It can be challenging, but it is definitely an awarding experience. I have had many opportunities, including job opportunities, simply because of my role on the KCPA Board and CAPA Board. It is a great way to learn leadership skills if that is a skill set you are looking for. I strongly encourage you to consider becoming a part of the Board. If you have not served before, the PIO position would be great for you. If you enjoy public speaking or feel like you want to enhance your ability to speak in front of a small group, programs would be a great position (and we already have speakers lined up for the remaining months of 2016!). If you are interested in state issues regarding paralegals or the developments of the limited licensed legal technicians (LLLT), I would highly recommend joining as a CAPA Representative. If you are a past Board member that is not currently serving as part of the board, you are eligible as either President or Vice President as well. Any position you take on is highly rewarding and the Board is a great group to work with. I will not be returning for the 2016-2017 year because I believe it’s the time for others to contribute to the association. We cannot have fresh ideas without fresh faces!

Secondly, you will be receiving a survey from KCPA within the next two weeks. We’re trying to get some information from our members on their opinions regarding our meetings. Please respond to the survey; it’s a simple 10 question survey from Survey Monkey. Remember, this is YOUR association. We need your thoughts and opinions to guide where this association goes and how it operates.

As a reminder, for the month of April, KCPA is collecting cash and check donations to benefit the Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault to purchase underwear, bras, toiletries, personal hygiene products and blankets, sheets and towels for women and children of all ages. We will also be collecting used cell phones (but please remember to remove any personal data from cell phones prior to donating).

Our MCLE presentation will be given by Andrew Morgan of Borton Petrini, LLP, on Complex Construction Defect Litigation. Please RSVP no later than April 8, 2016.

Lastly, the schedule for the 2016 CAPA June Educational Conference has been posted. We have included the schedule in the Newsletter for your reference. They have a lot of really information presentations. I hope you sign up and join the fun of a CAPA Conference.

~Makala E. Reha

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