May President’s Message

A huge “thank you” to all of those who agreed to step up to be board members for the 2016-2017 KCPA Board. Truly, there would not be an association this coming year without you! I’m glad people are willing to step up to the plate when the Association is in need and other members need to focus on other priorities in their life.

We have some exciting things coming up prior to the end of the year. You should have received the nomination for Paralegal of the Year and we will announce the recipient at the June Installation & Awards luncheon. We will also be awarding the Jeannie D. Conner Scholarship at the luncheon. The application is included with the newsletter. Please return it to me by May 27 for consideration.

The CAPA Conference is scheduled for June 25, 2016 in Riverside, California at the Riverside Convention Center. For more information regarding the conference, including to register, please visit the Additionally, we have a free entry to the conference. If you would like to attend the conference, please send me a brief e-mail as to why you should be the recipient of the free entry by May 13, 2016. We will make the announcement by e-mail by May 20, 2016 if you are the recipient of the free entry. Note—this only includes the registration for the conference, this does not include the hotel or any additional travel.

We look forward to seeing you at the May 12, 2016 luncheon. Jay Rosenlieb, Esq., of Klein, DeNatale, Goldner, Cooper, Rosenlieb & Kimball, LLP, will be speaking on the Top Ten Truths of Employment Law. At the luncheon, we’ll be collecting canned/packaged food drive to benefit the Gleaner’s Senior Sack Program. (We will also be accepting cash/check donations for the purchase of canned and packaged food).

As this will be my final President’s Message, I’d like to say that it’s been my pleasure to serve on the Board since 2010. I’ve served in multiple capacities, starting as webmaster, then as secretary, and as CAPA representative and president for the past few years. I’ve truly enjoyed the experience I’ve gained, the people I’ve gotten to collaborate with, and the leadership skills I’ve gained by being a part of the Board. I can thank the infamous Nancy Boles for pulling me in, and although it wasn’t my first choice, you all know Nancy. She eventually got me in and it’s taken me five years to leave, but it’s time for me to depart so I can deal with some family and health issues that recently arose. I thank each of you for your patience with my lack of confidence in public speaking (I can now do it without feeling sick!), and the hiccups we’ve had along the way.; it might have been a bumpy ride, but it’s never fun if it’s a straight shot! For those of you who have considered serving on the Board, I would truly recommend it. It was a fabulous experience.

I hope you have a wonderful May, and I hope to see you around at the luncheons!

~Makala E. Reha

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