KCPA would like to extend deepest gratitude to the following board members who served during the 2015-2016 Term:

President and CAPA Secondary                                         MAKALA E. REHA, ACP

Vice President and Treasurer                                             AMBER BREWER

Secretary                                                                                 WHITNEY RADCLIFF

Programs/Education Director and
CAPA Primary                                                                        SASHA GADBERRY

Newsletter Editor                                                                  KAYLEEN CLEMENTS

Webmaster                                                                             TROY THOMPSON

Member Services                                                                   SHONTICE YATES

Community Affairs                                                               KRISTEN FOSTER

Public Information Officer                                                  KAREN CLEMANS

Student Representative                                                       MICHELLE REYNIER



President                                                                                KAREN CLEMANS

Vice President                                                                       CINDY OLIVER

Secretary                                                                                WHITNEY RADCLIFF

Treasurer and Webmaster                                                  TROY THOMPSON

Programs/Education Director &                                       KAYLEEN CLEMENTS
Newsletter Editor

Public Information Officer                                                 MICHELLE CLEMANS

Member Services                                                                  SISSY RUCKER

Community Affairs                                                               KRISTEN FOSTER

CAPA Primary                                                                       ERICA BJORNSTAD

CAPA Secondary                                                                   KELLY GRIJALVA

Student Representative                                                       VIVIANA FLORES

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