July President’s Message

In June, KCPA installed the board for the 2016/17 term, awarded the Jeannie D. Conner Memorial Scholarship to Michelle Clemans, and honored Hana Tarin as the 2015/16 Paralegal of the Year. Thank you to the Kern County Bar Association for the beautiful flowers it provided to the out-going and in-coming board members, and to KCBA president, Isaac St. Lawrence for his kind words about his appreciation of paralegals. Thank you also to the Honorable Susan Gill who issued the oath to the incoming board. And special thanks to Makala Reha, who served on the KCPA board for the past 6 years and the last 4 as president.

It’s hard to believe that July 2016, is already here. I trust that everyone had a wonderful Independence Day celebration. I am very proud to live in America and to have the liberties afforded to us as Americans. I am thankful for those brave men who wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776. America is now 240 years old.

Did you know that KCPA is 28 years old? In looking through the past minutes, I discovered that our organization has held meetings in a number of locations throughout the years including The Hill House, Panda Palace, Bill Lee’s, The Bistro, Hodel’s, Cask ‘N Cleaver, Maitia’s, Chalet Basque, J.C. Scott’s, Great Castle, and The Rice Bowl just to name a few. I remember bringing bag lunches to meetings held at various law firms in the 90’s in order to save our members the cost of an expensive venue.

I also noted that KCPA was very active in our community and in providing pro bono services.

Specifically, we provided services to Teen Court. While Teen Court no longer exists, there are many opportunities out there for us to serve and to show Kern County how effective paralegals are. I challenge each of our members to consider the gift of your time for the benefit of others and will outline areas in need of assistance in future newsletters and general meetings.

Speaking of giving back, KCPA will be holding our annual member appreciation ethics MCLE this year on August 11, 2016, at noon, at Klein, DeNatale, Goldner. This means that members attend at no cost. Please look for your membership applications to be emailed to you and make sure that you return your applications before the end of the month so that you can participate in the MCLE at no cost. Non-members and attorneys will be charged the regular fee of $30.00.


Karen Clemans, C.B.A.

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