August President’s Message

August is here and a lot of you are probably buying school clothes and supplies for your children. I have two sons, both are adults now, and I really miss those exciting days as summer winds down and the kids are looking forward to what the school year will bring and, of course, fall sports. I hope that you enjoy this time because, based on my experience, it goes by so quickly. I now have 4 grandchildren, 3 of which are pictured with me here.



Your KCPA Board held its annual retreat this last weekend to work on our 2016/17 fiscal year budget and make plans for upcoming continuing education, community affairs donations, pro bono work, and the Holiday Luncheon. We welcome any one who would like to assist with the planning and implementation of the Holiday Luncheon to be held on December 5th at The Petroleum Club.

When KCPA was founded back in 1988, a number of our members volunteered our time to help in a program called teen court which was operated in the evenings by all volunteers. I always felt that, through our work with teen court, our organization was not only helping juveniles but our presence in teen court was a way for us to partner with attorneys and others in our community to make a positive difference. With that in mind, the Board decided that it would like to get back to our roots and offer pro bono opportunities to our members. We hope to partner in the future with Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance to provide help to those in need. Our goal is to enable our members to commit a little or a lot of time, depending upon each person’s individual desire and availability. At this point in time, we do not have the particulars but I look forward to continued discussions with GBLA to implement this partnership.

Speaking of giving back, I was listening to KUZZ as I was getting ready for work this morning. KUZZ is doing a back pack drive to help families who aren’t in a position to buy their children back packs and school supplies. I heard a female call in (I didn’t catch her name) and say that she wanted to support a family in need and she chose a family with 5 children. Imagine my surprise when I heard “And I want to challenge all the members of the Kern County Paralegal Association to call in and donate!” Well, game on, sister. I called the station and found out that a family with 6 children needs back packs. I agreed to take this family in the name of KCPA. It’s very short notice, as all of the back packs must be turned in on Monday, August 9, 2016. If you would like to assist please give me a call. My cell is 661-319-1378. I plan to shop this weekend.

On a final note, KCPA will be holding our annual member appreciation ethics MCLE this year on August 11, 2016, at noon, at Klein, DeNatale, Goldner. If you haven’t already done so, please turn in your KCPA membership applications so that you can participate in this luncheon at no cost to you.

Karen Clemans, C.B.A.

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