About Us

The Kern County Paralegal Association (KCPA) was founded in 1987 as a professional organization for paralegals/legal assistants. The majority of our members are paralegals/legal assistants employed by Kern County law firms, corporations and administrative agencies. Membership also includes independent contract and freelance legal assistants who provide services to attorneys and law firms, students of paralegal studies, law firms, corporations and persons or entities interested in the development and enrichment of the paralegal profession.

The purpose and goals of KCPA are to establish and maintain the high standards of the paralegal profession, to provide a gathering place for thoughts and ideas and to provide a forum for continuing legal education.

KCPA maintains four classifications of membership: Regular Member, Associate Member, Student Member and Sustaining Member. To apply for membership please visit https://kcpaonline.org/kcpa-forms/

REGULAR MEMBER: A Regular Member is a graduate of a paralegal training program or is otherwise qualified pursuant to Business and Professions Code §6450. This would include the traditional paralegal, contract paralegal or independent paralegal. This classification of membership carries full voting rights.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: An Associate Member is an individual not currently working as a paralegal, but who supports the goals of the Association. This classification does not carry voting rights.

 STUDENT MEMBER: A Student Member is a student enrolled in a paralegal training program. This classification of membership carries limited voting rights.

SUSTAINING MEMBER: Any person, law firm, corporation or institution interested in supporting the goals of the Association. This class of membership does not carry voting rights.

 Please visit our Membership and Benefit Information regarding the many benefits you receive as a member of KCPA.

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