Membership and Benefit Information

Regular or Associate Membership:

Becoming a member of KCPA is easy and has many benefits:

MCLE AT BARGAIN PRICES: Several times each year, the monthly membership meeting is an MCLE event. Members can earn one full hour of MCLE Credit for as little as $25.00.

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: The monthly membership meetings, annual conferences and community service activities offer many opportunities to meet and mingle with other legal professionals.


Paralegal Today magazine – CAPA provides a discounted rate for members.

CEB offers CAPA members a 10% discount on CEB Books and Action Guides, 10% discount on OnLAW (CEB’s online legal content), and 25% discount on CEB passports.

CAPA offers a 15% discount on

Membership in Working Advantage – Working Advantage provides reduced rates for movies, sporting, concerts, restaurants, theme park admissions, Verizon Wireless, computers, flowers, gifts, on-line shopping at numerous websites, etc.

CAPA provides its members access to purchase numerous types of Insurance (Medical, Dental, Vision, Home, Auto) available through United Insurance Partners.

CAPA provides discounted rates for members to attend CAPA’s Educational Conference and the Bi-Annual Leadership Conference. The conferences provide attendees with quality educational courses given by leaders in their field. The conferences also are a way to provide quality education to smaller associations as well as individuals and students. Attending the conferences provides leadership mentoring, education and the necessary qualities to guide your members’ paralegal careers and build your association.

CAPA’s Legislation Committee reviews and reports on pending legislation of interest to paralegals and disseminates and shares reports and information with each affiliate association.

RECAP – CAPA’s quarterly newsletter provides comprehensive informative legal news of interest to paralegals. RECAP has practical articles of interest to paralegals and their career. CAPA from time-to-time will also be providing MCLE articles, tips and tricks, and advertising opportunities for vendors. To submit an article, advertisement, or a submission to the RECAP, please forward it to the CAPA RECAP Editor at

CAPA Resource Directory – This is a comprehensive listing of known legal service vendors and other useful legal contacts located throughout California. CAPA provides this manual to each association to be made available via each association’s website. To be included in this directory referrals must come a member who has used their services and would recommend them to get the job done. To add a new service, please contact CAPA’s VP Admin.

CAPA’s Paralegal Guidebook – CAPA provides a directory of paralegal specialty areas of law, wherein paralegals can present the outlines to their attorneys showing them what types of projects, duties, and/or responsibilities they can take on. Also, it assists attorneys when hiring a paralegal to know what tasks they can or at a minimum should be performing in order to better serve their firm and the client. Further, it assists educators in successfully teaching students to be better prepared for the workforce.

Sustaining Membership:

As an added benefit of being a sustaining member of KCPA, your company or service can receive free advertising in our monthly newsletter. You will also be given the opportunity to address the membership for a few minutes at one of the luncheon meetings and/or offer a prize giveaway at one luncheon a year. All of these things help get your name out to the local legal community and it is a great way to market your services to paralegals. Click on “Membership Application” below to download an application form.

Membership Awards:


In 500 words or less, please explain why you believe this paralegal is deserving of the KCPA Paralegal of the Year Award. What has this paralegal achieved this year within the legal field? What is this paralegal’s greatest strength? How has this paralegal helped to further her/his employer’s practice through her/his dedication, knowledge and experience?


The recipient of this award will be a KCPA member in good standing who is an active participant at KCPA events, who demonstrates enthusiasm toward our association. Members of the Board are not eligible to receive this award. *Achievement Certificate *Announcement in the Paralegal Post *Recognition at the June Meeting & Installation of officers.

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