Community Affairs

Below is the next community affairs opportunity KCPA is collecting  donations for at our upcoming luncheon.  Please contact our Community Affairs Director for more information or if you would like to make a donation to one of these great causes at

H.A.L.T. needs our H-E-L-P!

Helping Animals Live Tomorrow
KCPA has committed to supporting H.A.L.T. Rescue for two months, January and February 2020.
In December 2019, H.A.L.T.’s transportation van was totaled by the driver of a stolen vehicle. The van was an older vehicle, and insurance does not even begin cover the cost of a replacement vehicle. To make matters worse, in order to keep insurance rates down, the policy did not contain a rental provision. H.A.L.T. needs transportation in order to get the rescued animals to adoption events and vet appointments.

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