Quick Tips

With us spending the majority of our time on the computer, here are some “quick tips” within the following programs.  Please feel free to share any tips you have!

Microsoft Word


When you’re autonumbering paragraphs (i.e., discovery requests), the field to do so should be something like this:

{ SEQ int \* Arabic\n \*MERGEFORMAT \*MERGEFORMAT} auto starts at 1

 { SEQ int \* Arabic\r 93 \*MERGEFORMAT \*MERGEFORMAT} when you want to change it to a specific number

Microsoft Excel

Multi-Line text in Single Cell

When you’re entering information into a spreadsheet, and you want multiple lines of data inside a single cell (i.e., an address) you can use “ALT+Enter” to move down a line rather than holding the “space” key.  You end up with a much cleaner document.

Microsoft Outlook

Adobe Pro X

Did you know you can bates number documents in Adobe Pro X?  There are all types of features under the “Tools” menu.  Put away that Sharpie!  – You can also redact documents in Adobe (under “Protection” in the Tools menu).


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